Should I buy good ring or sword of forgotten

Okay, I was wondering which one I should do in my JS account?

Forgotten or Ring. I have 13000 gems. Choose two.
  • Forgotten
  • Paladin
  • Precious

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what is the precious?

The invisibility ring

Hey! @Luke10, choose two!

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you should buy the sword of the forgotten first
then the invis
then the paladin

I have temple guard, so I’m a little hesitant to buy the forgotten.

the temple guard isnt as good as the forgotten

Yes, but I don’t have any ring

Yeah it is bad for taking down huge enemies

Alr I would say the forgotten and then the invis ring

Excuse me, but it has almost the same amount of dps. Also, the temple guard is faster. And choose two, not three

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dude if you dont want to buy the sword of the forgotten why are you even asking if you should buy it???

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then you should buy the ring of speed


Definitely the ring of speed.

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yeah its a good ring :grin:

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I go for the rings more. That way I have more abilities to choose from. I have all of them except earth ring which I can’t get cuz I’m only lvl 25 not 27.

The earth ring is actually decent (I have it)
it gives extra health

:thinking: interesting… :thinking:

one sec let me show you

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I gotta get offline for, like, twenty minutes.