Forum rules - image uploading

Hello everyone!

I was forbidden to upload screenshot. The reason given to me was I’m new user.
I was not able to find rule which explains when i will be able to create post including uploaded image, or what i have to do obtain this right.

Best regards,
Me :smile:

Hi! Yes, you created your account 8 hours ago. Which means you’re still quite the new user indeed.

First of all, thank you for joining this forum and being part of the awesome CodeCombat community! We appreciate all your hard work as a brave adventurer. Keep testing and being active, and you’ll lose your “new user” status soon enough.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned and if you need images to clarify yourself, use a link to a 3rd party website. HF!


It should be specified somewhere though.


Hi! Sorry about this, I have changed the new user image limit to 10.
Have a great day!

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10 hours ?
10 days ?
10 MB ?
10 posts ?

@ForgottenMemory You can now have 10 images per post, as a new user :slight_smile: