Here are 6 rules to my page

  1. do not take pictures of my post and post it on your page positive on my page
  2. don’t fight anyone on my page
    4.join my clan (optional)
  3. Appropriate stuff only
    6.If you see misbehavior on my page flag it

These rules are in CodeCombat @Mikeninja102 and we try to enforce them also

Are you trying to say that you want these rules on your topics

Nice rules in common)
P.S. A little messed up numeration)

well i just want to have a save space with no cyber bulling and guess some people dont know that

i know i just woke up

Okay that makes sense but if you do see spam or any other misbehavior flag it

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all right i might edit my post with what you just said

this is all the forum rules @Mikeninja102 so we do this whenever we see someone break the rules and @Chaboi_3000 isn’t their a topic that says the rules?

well i couldn’t find it and by the way i’m talking about my page

this is for all of the pages/topics you know that right?

i do understand but listen ITS MY PAGE I DO WHAT I WANT GET IT

also not all of them are forum rules some of them are custom also read line 1

Actually, you don’t do what you want. It’s alright if you want to make some of your own rules for your topic only, but everyone in all topics has to follow the forum rules here: Welcome to CodeCombat Discourse Forums!.


dead pool i know forum rules and when i said i do what i want i meant i mature enough to know what do on my page

and please lets not make this an argument its done its done

Be nice though @Mikeninja102


but for the most part almost all of those rules are rules on the forum. please stop arguing with us @Mikeninja102 we are trying to keep this topic like all of the others like @Deadpool198 has said.

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Sometimes the best way to do something is not to do anything )

I don’t see need to discuss forum rules so much time in this thread. Don’t you see you’re just adding fuel to this flame?)


everyones point has been seen so we should close this page