Free Challenges v. Subscription Challenges : How to Know?

I am likely to focus on the free challenges initally while I build confidence the subscription will be worth the expense.

In the meantime I’m finding it confusing which map challenges are free and which require a subscription.

Initially I thought “Red Flags” = Free, while “Blue Flags” = Subscription.
However in Kithgard Dungeon I’ve found a couple of “Blue Flags” that are not requiring a subscription (ex: Twisted Canyon).

Then I thought maybe the Blue.Flag+Key = Subscription, but that doesn’t seem to quite be a “business-rule” either.

Is there a way for a new player to “know quickly” which levels will require a subscription while they focus on the “base-levels” initially?

I think that the circle below flag tells you if free, or subscription-only. If it has a red bottom, or a purple bottom, it’s free. if it has a blue bottom, it has to be paid for.

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@_Codemaster I think you’re right

All I know is that the levels on the “main” paths are non-subscriber. But most (I think) of the levels not on the “main” path is subscriber only.

I disagree @Lydia_Song or else there would like ten levels in the dungeon

take a look

Dungeon is a special one.

Left of the blue line is non-subscriber.
Right is half-half of subscriber and non-subscriber.
I’m not entirely sure.

But look at this

kingthard apprentice and kingthard mastery are not there and they are behind the blue

Personally I think @_Codemaster is right. I’ve always found purple and red based flags are free, blue are subscriber.

I also agree with @_Codemaster it is reasonable

as being a non subscriber i only see the ones on the path and not any blue flags at all all i see that are blue is fog that i cant unlock unless i became a subscriber.

I am a subscriber so I don’t know what it is like to be a non-subscriber

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like i said i am a non subscriber so i can send a screenshot if nesicarry for more proof.

non sub levels:
subscriber levels:

That was my original impression, but on Kithgard Dungeon the Twisted-Canyon level is “blue-base” but also “un-locked” to free-players. (…see images below…)

Do you think that’s a bug?
Right now my impression is that there are a few free “blue-base” levels in each map, but you have to click each on to determine which are available. Yes? No?

Kithgard Dungeon / Twisted Canyon 01:

Kithgard Dungeon / Twisted Canyon 02:

hey the cover changed

it has a purple circle below the flag. purple is non sub.

no the way pender is shown changed

BTW: in the desert, there is levels with red flags and purple bases. purple means that the level can be solved multiple ways, and is also available to free players.

this is what I have found about the banners of the levels:

red banner + red base:

  • campaign levels
  • both subscriber and non subscriber
  • has a grey plate as a placeholder

red banner + red base + key:

  • campaign levels that unlock new items
  • both subscriber and non subscriber
  • has a chest as a placeholder

red banner + red base + diamond on top + star on banner:

  • campaign levels that allow you to pass the world
  • include siege of stonehold, kithgard master
  • has a huge pillar particle placeholder when locked

blue banner + blue base:

  • optional reinforcement levels that are not required to complete the campaign
  • some are subscriber levels, some are non subscriber levels
  • has a small particle effect as a placeholder

blue banner + key on top + blue base + chest:

  • reinforcement levels that unlock unique items, mostly subscriber levels
  • has a small particle effect along with a chest
  • levels include lost viking

red banner + purple base:

  • hard challenge levels
  • mostly subscriber levels
  • include tiresome GCD and taunting

red banner + red base + mace on top of banner + yellow particles

  • brawls or replayable levels
  • mostly non subscriber levels
  • include sarven and cloudrip siege, kithgard brawl

half red and half blue banner + red particles + skull on top of banner

  • multiplayer levels
  • non subscriber levels
  • include multiplayer treasure grove, dueling grounds, zero sum, ace of coders

its cloud drip not cloudrib