Fun time gif time chat

Here is a chat for all your GIFS have lots of fun and laughter but stay within the Codecombat Discourse Rules. Here are 3 rules for this chat that you have to follow

1.No inaprropriate GIFS
2.No swearing
3.You can post pictures, memes, and videos
4.If you want to chat with friends go to another topic as this will spam the chat

here is my entrance GIF hope you all like it and plz feel free to like posts

Link:When you mistake a child with another goat... - GIF - Dazzling News

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Maybe this should be in a PM? (Like everything PM?) Since it notifies everyone following the off-topic section every time we post once, and there is a 3 replies limit in topics.

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how do u make one. do u have to be certain level

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Actually, there’s already a gif topic.