Jibber-Jabber Topic! Say what ever you want!

Hey bruh! Watcha doin’?


Oh-Yeah, baby!
hope you like my topic!

Hi @milescombat!
Sorry, but general off-topics (public places where you can talk about anything) aren’t allowed on the Discourse.
There are other ways you can chat about anything while still using the CodeCombat Discourse by using Private Message Groups. Please feel free to DM me (by clicking on my profile picture and selecting Message) if you want to know more about these PM Groups.



Adding to that, you must be at least TL2 (Member) in order to use this feature. (from Chaboi’s Welcome Post)

Nono, TL1 (basic)'s fine
TL1 just means that he can’t invite other people to the PM (I think)

Ah ok! That actually makes sense! Also please be aware that if there is so much activity in a PM (500 replies) you will be forced to make a new one (due to Discourse limitations, and no, this is not exclusive to CoCo.)

How to Continue a Previous PM

In the editor (where you actually reply), click the arrow button in the corner (image) and then click “Reply as new group message”. This will (essentially) continue the PM from exactly where you left off.

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