Game Development Tips

So here we can share stuff related to Game Development. It can help new players not to get confused. I made it a wiki so we can all add stuff.

  • So firstly, game development levels aren’t solvable by writing code, it is a clicking game. You click on an enemy to attack it
  • To move, you can click anywhere on the map or use WASD keys.
  • And in order to make an action based on pressing a random key (I haven’t discovered how with a specific key it works) here’s the code in Python:
def onKey(event):
    # Do something

game.on("keydown", onKey)
  • Clicking the “C” key on the keyboard makes the player cleave.
  • Feel free to add anything here!
  • hitting “F” pays respects to the ogres (joke)
  • Stomping using Okar (credit: escaper10101)
okar = game.spawnXY("goliath",60,60)
  • Changing the damage of a method (for example cleave)
player = game.spawnHeroXY(40, 36)
player.cleaveDamage = 30
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