Game development tips!

I am new to the discourse but I thought I would try making an interesting topic so if you have game dev tips post them here.

Like in the campaign or just game dev in general

Either (20000 charsssss)

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For example to make ritic the cold in game dev you have to type Assassin not assassin lower case like all other hero’s

Ok then I have a tip don’t overscope projects

Don’t make your dream first thing I tried it… It did no go well

You can make a maze of okar stompfoots!

@PeterPalov, @Deadpool198 do you have any tips?

Do you need help in levels in general or do you need some tips for your own levels?

No, you misunderstood the topic title it is for people to share there own tips so if others need help they can come here and look for ideas, or ask for help.

Try this as well!


I uh yes?
(20 characters)

Do you have any tips???

Use your brain ?
And work hard ?

Use level editor instead. (game dev is pretty limited)

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Bro gives a thumbs up to being hit in the face with a gaster blaster :skull: