Game freezes up / very slow animation even though the level is not started


I have a really annoying problem that occurs in all browsers (Chrome/Safari) on OSX.

  • If I start a level, it appears the game timer starts even though the Play button has not been pressed.
  • Then, I fail the level conditions before I have even started playing.
  • Then, when I code the solution and press Play or Run to try it out, the animation proceeds at a glacial pace, with a translucent white overlay over the image.

This occurs quite often as I’m fairly new and trying to familiarize myself with basic concepts while reading the instructions or inspecting the template code. It can be gotten around by CMD+R and reloading the level, but it’s very annoying.

is this known and going to be fixed?

Screenshot attached.


I think we’ve recently fixed this, but it hasn’t gone out to all users.

We should be deploying new code on Monday, so keep an eye out around late Monday/Tuesday and let us know if you still see it!


Or just restart the level.


i do this every time, but it is a bit disruptive and takes me out of my thought process.


How about restart your computer?


Its just that the computer has trouble loading the graphics. Just refresh the page, the program will automatically save your code and it should loosen up the program


guys, i already explained why this is annoying and the devs have acknowledged it’s a bug. it’s a bug, and it interferes with playing the game and learning…the user should not have to take himself/herself out of the creative flow to progress.


I understand and it is true, I hate it too sometimes. But the devs are trying their best to manage every complaint, fix bugs, and add new content so I think for now you’ll just have to deal with it :smile:


It looks like we’ve deployed our updated codebase today. Please play through the game and let us know if you see this issue again.


what is new about it?


thanks @serg - been playing today and it hasn’t happened yet. fingers crossed.


Hi there,

Just to clear this up a bit more – there was a bug that sometimes caused the game to play at a terribly slow speed. We deployed a fix for this issue on Monday so hopefully no one is still seeing it.



while you are still not doing submit, if it goes all white and the character goes slow, then I press the full screen button to fix that part, although it doesn’t go permanently.


Try reloading the page.