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Game is too laggy on the Mac


Whenever I type on the keyboard from now and yesterday, I have to wait five seconds to see it. It is the same with scrolling and running my code.

If nick doesn’t come in the next few weeks, I will quit for 5 days.
Wait… @J_F_B_M wrote something <a href= "">here

I have invited @nick to come to this topic.


It’s not laggy I think the Mac isn’t the real problem, I think it’s the internet connection you have. It might not the right though.


could u please make an speed test for your connection?
Is just CodeCombat slow or all things u do in browsers. (f.e. youtube; facebook…)


I am using the Chrome browser.


Just a FYI for anyone having MAC issues. I run a macbook pro and have complete all known and unknown levels on the free account without issue using the Safari browser. (Mavericks) So you should be able to play the game fine on a MAC.

I have also been working on new game levels via the level editor etc. without issue.