Game lets me do "Arcane Ally" but I didn't subscribe?

The game lets me do “Arcane Ally”, which is a bonus level. However, I didn’t subscribe. Why am I allowed to do a bonus level if I didn’t subscribe?

It was in its Adventurer playtesting week last week, so if you started it before this morning, you get to still play it. Now that it’s fully released, only subscribers can access it.

(At least, that’s how it should work. Did you start playing the level before yesterday, or did you just start now?)

What he said. ^^

Each bonus level has a week where it’s free to play before it goes live. (I think thats how it works). If you play it during the free week, you have unlocked it and can keep playing it. So essentially to me it seems like if you dont subscribe but play every day and all the new levels that come out when they come out you should be able to access all of the content of the game even without a subscription.

correct me if im wrong nick

Thank you Nick. Thank you so much