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Adventurers able to get heroes?


I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, but if there is a level being released for Adventurer that has a hero as part of the reward, like Raiders of the Long Dark, would the Adventurer be able to buy that hero?


That actually is a very good point.


Raiders of the Long Dark is officially released, but apparently it was released straight to subscribers only. If I may ask, why was this?


good for me then lol


It’s subscriber only because it’s a hero unlocking level.


So it never releases to Adventurer. I see.


Strange. I’ve found a couple posts that imply that the user, being a free player, somehow got Naria of the Leaf while Mad Maxer: Redeemption was still a new level in the play testing stage.


Errors happen. Pender was also free to play for about 48 hours, until it was resolved.