Games (2000000000)

who likes games (0000)

me i like the longer games lol

I like videogames and challenging strategy games like chess, monopoly, and risk.

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are u on a risk website @CocoCharlie?

  • Yes
  • No
  • There are risk websites?!
  • Of course

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i am good at minecraft because when a creeper blew up IN MY FACE(how very rude of him) i only took 1half heart

well that was not a very nice creeper I have had creeper’s which I seen until one snuck on me and exploded on me.

guys please keep that stuff in the Minecraft Topic.

oh sorry (200000000000)

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It is games…

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true but their is a Minecraft topic for Minecraft so their is no need to have it in 2 places @qwerty.

Who likes Minecraft Dungeons? It is a really cool dungeon-crawler that was released on May 26 2020. I recommend playing it.

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mine craft is a game but this topic is about games and the other one is about minecraft specifically

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that is what i am saying @ineedhelpwithcoding.

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