Games that you play

What game’s you play?

Minecraft n cc 20 chars


I play a lot of games. here a few of my favorite: Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch), Minecraft (Switch, Among Us (Switch),, Risk (PS4), Battleship (PS4), etc.

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I like playing Zelda and some Mario games too.

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Do you mean board games, video games, or anything at all?

I think it is all by the way @Ryan_Wong has said it.

i play mc and pretty much nothing else


I play NitroType, CoCo and Screeps!


I’ve not really been into games as much as I got older.

really?And how old are you?

I just turned 13. (2)

uh, maybe you are older, cus’ I am 13 and a half, but I still love such type of games, as KSP, CoCo, NT, Screeps.Of course, it also depends on a person

No I’m not older. I’ve never been much of a games person. And it’s getting worse as I get older. But I must leave you all, I have school.

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ok, see you)My school is fully done today


what other games do you like i like Fortnite and warzone

@Deadpool198 I’m not entirely sure this topic is allowed.
Doesn’t it have to be based on something?

@Cody_Rood If you want I can invite you to a PM (Private Message) where we just talk about games.

Your right, pretty sure this isn’t allowed. We shall wait for Deadpool I guess

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yeah im pretty sure that general topics arent allowed however im not completely sure