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Games : Rhythm Heaven

We all know these games, yknow, like guitar hero or anything similar to that, most of the times these games are in arcades (e.g MaiMai and Sound Vortex) but some of them are on phones and PC (Cytus, VOEZ, Arcaea, Osu! etc) do any of you in this forum play them regularly? or do you just play this game to get better at accuracy? either way, let me know!

I’m currently playing Osu! and MaiMai DX (although the pandemic recently has lessened the times i go play MaiMai)

I dont know any of these games could you clarify

these are rhythm games. something like the infamous guitar hero

hang on imma find some image to represent the games

nevermind images are a little to much

Oh and for clarity, these games have one common feature: they are music games where you tap to the beat

Oh ok cool I myself isn’t very fond of music but im sure its very fun

i was kinda wishing there were more of these players on the fanbase… but eh, its ok…

{Cries in anime music}