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I don’t know about you guys, but I find games where you have to think/plan, in real time or not, much more fun than platformers and shooters.
Games like the Civilization series (although I only find Civilization V enjoyable), StarCraft, Rimworld, and even a random browser game called

What’s your favorite strategy game?

  • Civilization
  • StarCraft
  • Rimworld
  • What’s a strategy game :skull:
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i like this game

but besides that stratagy games are not my thing

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Not sure if this counts as a strategy game but I play yugioh. Specifically yugioh duel links, but I’m trying to get into the physical card game.

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where chess at

It’s not received an update in years. The most recent was a bug fix to prevent people from just playing chess as some weird horse-racing game.


HOI4 is top.

The devs aren’t updating it, but still its a banger.


The devs died several thousand years ago

I really ike RTS games; used to play C&C games a lot.

does pokemon unite count… its a considered a strategic team based game.

as a pokemon showdown 1v1 player using not fully evolved mons, i can confirm i am playing a stratagy game

BABY TOURNAMENT VGC…omg… shell bell aaron…

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Does count

Just checked it out, cool game! Yeah, I’d say it counts



I’d say it does
(not biased at all as a factorio player)

duz deltarune count since its turnbased and has muliple charecters that have to work together to actualy beat bosses?

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Ehhh it has strategy elements but it’s mostly story-based.
Can you like change which characters you use though?

no it was mostly a joke cuz the battle mechnaics have some strategy but mostly revolve around bullet hell attacks

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oh my god :rofl:
you guys need to watch this