Gem and XP Visual and Internal Error

I just completed 3 levels on CloudDrip Mountain and all of them gave me 249 xp and 118 gems.They are called Resource Valley, Aggressive Mimicry and Loud Quietness. At this point I was used to the glitch as in multiple other levels it gave me much more than 118 gems but still gave me 249 xp. But after I completed Resource Valley which also gave me 249 xp and supposedly 118 gems ( it gave me over 800 gems ), the other two levels mentioned above actually gave me the 118 gems and 249 xp. I was quite confused as this was the first time the glitch had actually made me earn less gems, and I decided to compelte another level to retry and ended up having 118 gems and 249 xp again, with completing a hard level and getting only 118 gems. I’m kind of mad since I badly need gems and xp to compete with some replayable levels. Is there any way to fix this or stop it from happening?

Got the bug AGAIN

The thing is… how many times did you get the code wrong?

I think the amount of times you got it incorrect might affect the amount of rewards you get. Don’t hold that against me though I am not 100% sure :3

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Before you submitted the code, how much did you have gems?
Did they increase after you submitted the level, like after you got this screenshot?

I had the gems from Resource Valley, about 2800 gems before this started. Now, it changed and the numbers are

Basically the gems from all those levels got me to about 3200 gems. The xp is still quite low

I didn’t get it too many times wrong as I breezed through the levels, although if your theory is true this might be a bit harsh from the devs


So before you played those levels, you had 2800 gems, and after the levels you played, you have 3200 gems now?

are you replaying the level?

Yea, cause if you are you’re not gonna get more gems.

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Or xp for that matter.

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No, I am not replaying the level

Yes, since all those 118 gem reward levels got me that much


Can you please explain why?