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Level completion not showing xp and gems gained


I’ve noticed playing today that whenever I complete a level the normal animation that shows my rewards isn’t running. Instead, the rewards are already visible, but the xp and gems earned don’t seem to get counted up in the lower part of the result screen, it just says +0 in both. But when I get back to the main screen I do have an increase in amount of gems. I can’t tell much about the xp I have, other than that I am still level 22.

I’m not sure what is going on, if it’s something on my end or something in my account. It happens on both Chrome and IE.


@Maka is the bug person.


Contact @maka to fix this problem.


That happens a few times, but it normally doesn’t happen.

It also shows that if you already beat the level.


This has happened to me before.

I sent in a contact form on the issue and they responded. A day or two later it was working again.


@SapphoMuse - Is this happening on every level or on just some levels? It is happening on new levels you complete, or only on levels you have completed before?


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