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Gem and XP - Zero?


When completing a level for the FIRST time, the gems and XP are not being reflected properly where indicated in the attached .jpg. The gems ARE being collected and I can only assume the XP points are being allocated as well. When I go to the main screen (, I can see that the number of gems listed in the lower left corner has gone up the correct amount. It’s just immediately above the “continue” button where it does not register/indicate anything but zero. I would expect this if it was a re-submit of a previously completed level, but that is not the case - this happens upon the first completion/submit.

Last night I saw this happening on my daughter’s account as well so I’m assuming that it’s a bug. We’re both using Chrome browser.


It just did it again. I just submitted Clash of Clones for the first time and this is what I see…

I don’t care about the gems so much (I have plenty and don’t really use them at the moment) but I’d really like to be sure that my XP are going up and there doesn’t seem to be any way to check this.

Level completion not showing xp and gems gained