Getting an error while trying to translate

Hey guys,

I would love to contribute to this great game by translating into my mother tongue, which is Dutch (Netherlands).
I have submitted some translations, but with quite of a lot of them i get this error:

Is this because I am doing something wrong myself or is this a problem that occurs more often?
Can i solve it myself?

Please help me so I can try helping with translations again!


Nevermind, fixed the problem.


Stijn, what was the problem?

I tried to translate from English to Dutch through the codecombat website itself. When i scrolled through the list and wanted to translate there it would let me fill in what my translation is, but when I pressed “submit change” it would give me the error as shown in my first post. I am working on the translations using github now though, so I guess it won’t be necessary to use the codecombat website in the future.