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Translation of error messages


Hi, sorry if this has been discussed about already:

Is it possible to translate the error messages? I noticed that younger students who are not English speaking often get problems when they encounter error messages because they don’t understand the language. (and even if you do understand the language - learning how to handle error messages is not the easiest thing to learn when starting to code…)

It might be a great help if these messages could be translated, or, if that is difficult, if there was some kind of mousover etc. that would provide basic translations of the words.

Or, if that is not possible, it would be nice to have a link to a page with description and translation of erros.

I’ve browsed through the coffee file, the level files and the /articles but I did not find error messages…

If there is a way, I could provide translations.


Edit: Here are two screenshots from Alexander, which show the current situation.

Alexander posted them in them in Questions about translating, where there was aparently no answer yet (sorry for crosposting…)


It is possible though sometimes game developers do not notice it until someone else points it out. I myself am not a game developer so unfortunately I cannot help, but maybe @nick can.


That issue in “close range” priority and I hope you will see it soon


Thans sounds great, thank you!


Took a lot of refactoring of our error message pipeline, but we have the first few errors available for translation now: – the goal would be to keep hacking at it and add a lot more in the following months. Appreciate the translations for the first most common errors now!


That is fantastic. It is really fascinating, how fast things are being developed here! I’ll start with translating. Thank you so much!

Another thing:
I just wonder whether it would make sense to keep the english error messages alongside the translation. In “real life” programming, you would nearly always get only English error messages (as you will - except from some obscure Microsoft Basic Dialects - usually have English language keywords).

I will test a little…

Regards, and thank you again!


Thanks! Added the Russian translation for an experiment