Getting controlled by the enemy hero (Dueling Grounds)

Hmm, can u screenshot the error please

No errors are popping up, but my hero just stands there like a meat shield and do nothing.

Where do you see this then?

I tried the same thing @MarmiteOnToast told me, that error provens the fact that you cannot cast invisibility on a enemy hero.


I know, my strategy is cool. There are no cheats or bugs

??? What did you do to my hero to make it not move?

What do you mean?

You said your strat is cool, I want to know what you did. How did you control my hero?

I did not control your hero. I said that there are no bugs or cheats.

Then why my hero is idle? I really want to know, I didn’t even have invisibility ring, and somehow all my movements are getting controlled and getting the invis.

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Could you send me a screen recording of the level? On windows it’s Win Key+ Alt + R (remember to mute your mic when the recording icon appears at the top of your screen). I’m not sure on Mac though.

Can’t, I’m using windows 10.

This problem is becoming a little frustating to me now, I think it is a bug from now on. When I fight certain players, sometimes at the half time my code stops entirely and I am getting random effects (I got a random invisibility effect when battling Peter). Even though I am rapidly checking the enemy with a for-loop, it still doesn’t work. I even deleted the defination to lambda and decided to get a whole for-loop checking the best enemy. But nothing works and my hero stops. My rank was originally 21st place, now my rank is rapidly dropping due to more than 15 bug-matches against @PeterPalov and a dude called “luke”. I don’t know if the player is casting/cheating on me, or controlling my movements, or if it is a bug. @nick, can you look into this problem?
I think the enemy hero is probably hacking/cheating on me, because a clear example is that I am getting the invisibility effect out of nowhere and I didn’t even equip the precious

Oh, ok. Have you tried using simpler code? Just try MoveXY and attack. just to see if it is your opponent causing the problem, or the code. (I don’t think it’s the code, but it’s best to try anyway.)

What’s wrong with you dude? I said, I am not cheating/hacking. Can’t I cast invisibility on your hero? If you try to cast something on yourself while you have invisibility effect it’s the problem in your code.

By the way, can you send the “session” of that guy “luke” (which is in the link), maybe they are really controlling opponent’s hero?

Look, this person is controlling hero:

They probably are writing something like enemy.attack(enemy).
I can’t moveXY, cast invisibility or scattershot. I tried commenting out all my code and still this happens.

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Yes, my problem is similar to yours, but instead of attacking myself or anything. I just plops in a position and never moves anymore.

If you are talking about the invisibility thing, it’s a kinda problem in your code.

No, not the invis. But in some battles I just stay idle in a pos.