Getting started with free levels

I have recently signed up as a teacher in order to start using this with some of my students but I am unable to get started with the free levels… Are there any free levels that I can use to get going? How do I access them - I have tried everything that is available to me (I think!)?


hello, normaly, when uve logged in at codecombatcom, u should see the huge “Play” button in the middle. After clicking on this the first world should load (careful a new tab opens!).
When the first world loadet (“Kithgard”), u can start the game and in the lower left corner u should see the first grey (red) flag. this is your first level. If you havnt bought the premium, u cant play the blue levels.
After u played and successfully endet the first level, a new should appear…

did this Help?

@nick is it possible to fix it that there always open up a new tab when u press “play” on ? its pretty annoying that u always have to close the old tab…

Hi There,
Thanks for your reply. A new tab does open but I get the attached. Is it relevant because I am using Chrome? Could it be something to do with the school filtering system do you think? If this may be the issue I will check with them.



jeah normally the first world should load. i think phyton must be installed, check for this, and also flash player…
u can try to clear cookies, but i dont think thats the matter…
this is a problem for support. try to write a PN to nick (see above)

when i look close to my loading screen, I see this too. this means, algorythm first blocks all worlds, and then checks wich worlds i can get. So maybe your connection blocks the server to ask for your character(account) name. Yust thinking…

I sent you an email to help try to debug this, too. Let’s hope we can figure it out soon and get you online!