Glowing/Smoking circles


On some of the maps, I am seeing glowing circles, some red, some blue. I was wondering if these were new levels coming up? I haven’t seen them before.

Does this have something to do with my missing two levels in the dungeon? (32/34 though i see all completed, but only 1 glowing red.)

or are these only levels under a different code? (currently using javascript)

I can not really imagine what your speaking of. Can you provide a screenshot?

Yes, all of these places contain levels.
There are even a few more levels you can not see yet, they will unlock when you progress. You should not need to worry about them, at least not until Siege of Stonehold (just guessing here).

(updated photo for closer look, deleted last)

I see, thank you!

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The blue ones are subscription, the red ones are “free”, levels.

the “glowing smoke” was the main question, especially the black/blue smoke. already knew the blue/ reds, thanks!

It would be some thing like that. A friend gave me this link: Why 21/25 and not 21/23?