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Kithgard dungeon help

Hello codecombat,
I’ve completed up to level 21 in kithgard dungeon, but I can’t actually find the next level, level 22. Could anyone point me to this or say whereabouts it is on the map? Nothing is lighting up on anything except ones I’ve already done. Or do I need to complete something else to progress, like a challenge or duel?
Thanks guys.

Hello @Katie_Shepherd, and welcome to the forum!

In order to understand your problem further, can you please send me a screenshot?

Is this what you are looking for? (Click the purple arrow I circled)

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then you’ll be in backwoods forest

wow theres so less levels in dungeon

Hi Kementari, and thanks for all your help.
Does this mean I can now progress to the forest, if so, what about these grey circles on my map, other levels which I haven’t unlocked? Do I need to complete levels in other worlds to unlock them?

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Oh, don’t worry about those grey circles. Those are levels which you can only access if you subscribed. And yes, you can now continue to the forest :slight_smile:

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Hi Katie,
Welcome to CoCo!
Go straight to the forest - the subscriber levels just give more practise on the same things. Keep going to the forest to learn new stuff :smile:.

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Thanks everyone, problem solved! (And just let me say how cool CodeCombat is.)