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Kithguard Dungeon - 41st Level?


I have beaten 40 levels in Kithguard dungeon but still can’t seem to find the last level. I don’t have any incomplete levels but still don’t have it available to play it.


I’m not sure about that. Looks like a bug. After 36 levels, I was able to get in to Backwoods Forest. You should post it on our github issues.

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thx luke, i’ll try that


i can get into Backwoods. Really keen on completing all the levels though


There are a few advanced levels that you unlock later in the game. I can’t remember the name, but there is one with lots of really strong sketetons and a warlock and a shaman that you unlock pretty late in the game. It is probably that one you are missing.


Thank you Hinkle, I will look at that level later.


So dragonslayer, what i think you are tying to communicate is that you want to complete all the levels. Is that right?

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truly so… I couldn’t find the last level.


Play on Chrome, the levels will have an icon under them. Finish the gate level(purple and blue flame) to access the new map.

If the gate level is not unlocked look for uncompleted free levels (red dot, or red dot with grey flag).
Complete them to unlock the gate level.

By the way, the level symbols:
purple & blue flame - gate level. You need to complete this level to unlock the new map
blue flame - subscription level
yellow flame - ladder level. You can complete it repeatedly, on increasing difficulties for more gems.
red flame - multiplayer level. Fight against other player’s code. If in a clan, you can chose to fight against other members of your clan

Some levels only unlock when your player’s experience level is high enough or when you have completed some special levels in other maps. There are not required to go to the next map. For example I have 44 dungeon levels unlocked now.

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You can also just jump directly there if you know the name.

Here is the missing level:
Kithgard Apprentice

You probably won’t be able to beat it yet. It is locked for a reason.

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It’s hard.Can you help?


You will need to have some of the best equipment to beat the level. If you can’t beat it yet, continue on with the game and come back to it later.


i only need to do 35 levels to move on to the forest


I went to the Mountain World to get some experience and get armor. Then I came back to this level and beat it.

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