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Godmode+Admin in local servers!

AW MAN so i have to restart?

you only have to get to the forest to save 2100 gems

Nah, it’s a local server so it doesn’t actually “talk” to the live servers, I can still use my live account, just that any progress and data changed will not affect it.

So you can get a free subscription and level 66 items only in that server?

Technically I can access admin features in my instance, so yes, I can access the level 66 items and free subscriptions. :slight_smile:

wawawawahwah??? so unfair… how did u do it, send me pm plz

You can start by looking at the GitHub source code and playing around with it :slight_smile:

but how do I do this because it says you have to download things but I can’t download anything because I am on a Lenovo Chromebook

@Chaboi_3000 have quindecillion gems