Godmode (20) characters

I try finding out how to access God mode but I can not because I can not download anything and there is no instructions for chrome book please help

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Please do not make more than one topic on the same issue because you will not get help quicker. @Deadpool198 or @dedreous, can you close this topic and remain on this other topic?


no that was not I was trying to do I was trying to get somethings worked out on one topic and then use another to get that worked out

What do you exactly mean by “Godmode”?
~ Orb

like I have seen people with infinite gems all heros subscribe free all like that

You can set up a development server, and tweak the code :slight_smile:

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I’ve done it, it worked it’s OP

Congrats! :tada: Have fun playing around in God Mode :slight_smile:

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how cool is it because i can not find people with God mode

You wouldn’t find any, because it’s development servers only.

but i still wanna know how cool it is

Your account gets 196 levels, all levels unlocked, and +100000 gems.

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oh man that sounds amazing

I know it is truly dope, unfortunately, it’s not linked to the “main” account

yeah it sounds so fun to have because you can basically get all kinds of builds

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You can also get admin, which is even more fun to play try. You can technically make it talk to the production base but there’s a lot of instabilities with that.

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what that’s got to be insane