I hacked the item stats

As you can see, I can change whatever gold boss star brings, or the health of any armor.

@admins You guys should stop the players from changing their gear data from the source,

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You might have wanted to pm the admins rather than telling everyone on the discourse how to hack :skull:

Yeah, I don’t think that you should’ve posted it.
Before only a few people knew but now they definitely


Well I guess it’s an effective way to draw attention to the issue, if everyone starts doing it the admins will have to do something…
(But seriously, please don’t hack any multiplayer games (not just codecombat). It ruins the competitive element, discourages other players, and in this case defeats the point of CodeCombat being a platform to learn how to code)

Nah, that’s not how drawing attention to something works :skull: or at least it’s not how it should work.
Now he’ll be receiving messages where people ask him about the exploit.

The most effective way is to DM Nick/Bryukh/Chaboi here or on Discord.

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I already did that (20)

ive also dmd chaboi about the hp bug (and backstab dmg bug)

(i do know how to do it as watamelon told me via discord (sorry for being a bit salty towards u watamelon))

But I told you the fake method lol, so good luck knowing how to do it

Because I’m not actually going to share exploits :clown_face: :clown_face:

yea ik abt it
i alr figured it out

bro got tricked
:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Guys, this discussion is unnecessary. Ritic, remember that requesting for exploits also does not lead to any good.
Watamelon, just remember that you were close to full ban before, and all this might be enough.


(post deleted by author)

Also, the exploits are found out by me, it will be needed to be fixed by the devs. I removed my cheating gear at first time, just wanting to share it out and grab some attention. Also this archmage topic is for CoCo hacking, I don’t see a rule for finding out and testing hacks, but there are rules saying for no requesting/sharing them.

Since this is a coding game, I wrote all my code in arenas and levels.

If you define me as cheating, you are the one who’s just copying GitHub code at the glacier levels, and you are the one who’s requesting for exploits, trying to use something that’s found by other people

dude, this was in discord. no need to bring this up in discourse. lets be friendly here. I am sorry about these actions but please keep this off of discourse.
if you want to msg me, insult me, idc, do it on discord
discord: necrozm

No matter in what platform, I don’t think swearing out on other people is appropriate.

brotha, about the glacier thing, I have already done the levels. I just want to get gems for items to use in dueling grounds/harrowland etc