Ultra Hard Level for You to Try Out

Here is a level I made with the level editor, it’s very hard, it will be amazing if you guys could try it out, or even beat the level!

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Ritic go brrr

Otherwise (without Ritic) very hard level, and nice custom summons too! :two_hearts:

Thank you so much :smiley:

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try this level, you fight a huge skeleton paladin army, but you have 2 warlocks and 2 chieftains as assistance

warlocks will cast grow on whoever gets damaged first by their side, and you may want to use a tomb ring to command the skeleton that warlocks summon

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I like them both!!!

thank you (20 chars)

For people who want’s a Kelvintaph Brawl, here’s is the level, the ogres will get stronger as the time passes

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Liked this very much! Blasted Thoktar with robobomb. Took a while for me to find a way.:+1::+1::+1:

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Cool level, but the allies are too strong; they beat the level without you having to do anything. The combination of warlocks growing the chieftains, who do aoe damage completely wipes out the enemy army.

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Okay I will try to polish it

bro fr took inspiration from gd

No. When I played the enemies just killed the grown chieftains and move on to the warlocks and killed me in 3 sec when I didn’t do anything.

Oh it must be a seed thing I resubmitted and lost now. Before I sat there as Ritic and the chieftains killed everything. Maybe its something to do with the enemies targeting the warlock’s skeletons?