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Good character build questions

Help with choosing characters, armor, weapons for a good build
(Not a member but I have played for a long time, I can say with great confidence stuff about armor and characters for a good build) :slight_smile: So, if you have any questions ask them and me and other people will answer!

What the situation? R u a member? b more speficif


Is it worth running book of live 5 with vine staff, or the unholy book.
Also, I edited the titled so it would be marked level help, since It kinda of is

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No, it’s not a level help. I think personally it’s more of an adventurer.

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Oh yeah thanks. 20 chars

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Also is it worth saving up for enameled dragonplate gear or something else because I only have 400 gems (i’m poor in this game)

Uhm… did you pass the desert yet

nooooooo… Is that bad? I swear im not hacking.

That’s fine. If you haven’t passed desert just go for the engraved obsidian stuff

okay i’ll save for obsidian and engraved obsidian gear. Thx @thebagel.

And since you’re not done desert, don’t get a good sword yet. stick with long sword till you beat the desert. once you get to last level of desert you’ll know why

ok. thank you @thebagel

I like how right when I got the katana i got the long sword

Im still in backwoods.

yes, stick with the long sword. and don’t bother with runesword it sucks to me

ok. ill take your advice

Also I can’t beat leave it to cleaver

k just a min @thebagel

Actually. i alraedy sent you a PM

Or you can make a topic about it. your choice