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Is my armor good?

Hi guys, this is my armor. Currently I am in the desert, do you think I should replace anything?

I am on the level Desert Delta

No it’s not good, IT’S GREAT!!!
no problem go for the win!!!

Best Armour


Just saying, I got some new gloves and passed some levels.

OK I will go for the win, I almost passed the desert!

i think you should swich the boots of jumping for soften leather boots or the boots of leaping

what do yall think of my armor

im saving up for better armor

if pretty good, sword is op, just save up for a better helm like the obsidian helm, softened lether boots is good but i want to get boots of leaping more,the reason is that SLB (Softened leafter boots) doesn’t have leap ability like leaping boots and dont have hero.move(targetPos), which makes code much more complicated. Since leaping boots have leap method, it will be much faster.

here are code examples

item = hero.findNearestItem()
if item:
    hero.move(item.pos) #--> move method only useable by BOL(boots of leaping) , CB, FB, and BOJ
item = hero.findnearestItem()
if item:
    hero.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos.y) # Since SLB dont have move or leap method, you will have to use moveXY like most boots

For a tip, dont buy random stuff like short sword and steel plate, if you get new ones, the old ones are no use, so basically you’re wasting gems on useless stuff if you buy tons and tons of armor. (the short sword is only good is you want to kill munchkins quickly)

Try to get good gloves that can cast spells. I got some stuff recently.

Hi @EpicCoder999 I am also on mountain

nice, howabout we can help out each other in moutain

i’m in desert so i cant have that good stuff but i’m saving up for obsidian armor and helmet
and i also have boots of leaping but i haven’t found a place where i really need them but i got them just in case and yah a little op weapon (good for multiplayer and bosses)

The last level of the desert is extremely hard, so its recommanded to have at least 1000 hp, BOL can get really handy there as you can jump away or forward the archers.

get the worn dragon helm, as its only 700 more gems and gives you 200 more hp. Get obsidian plate, costs 1600 and gives about 450 health.

that is my equiment

guys (20 chars so @#*#&@9#)

You should buy the twilight glasses and some rings ( I have the speed and the invisibility ones)

I wanna see yours (20)

And keep for The Sword Of The Temple Guard and the saphire sense stone ( and a better clock)