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Good levels for teaching For and/or While loops?


I’m helping to pick some CodeCombat levels to introduce highschool students to For and While loops. I wasn’t able to find any levels specifically stating teaching those as an objective, and had a hard time identifying which level first introduced the concepts. Any suggestions?

For these purposes, it would be great if there were a level browser where I could see the default script (including the comments that help describe a level’s objectives) without needing to open each level individually.

~ Cristos


While definitely not the levels where they are introduced, the Mad Maxer-Levels show an important use of loops. Most of them are Subscriber-only though.


Desert Combat is the first level to do while loops; most of the levels after it in the main desert track develop while loops further.

We decided it would make more sense to start with while and then eventually transition to for, so the first for-loop levels in the beginner campaign are likely going to be in the Adventurer levels for next week.