New feature recommendation

I’ve been reading over the forums and looking at threads where people are having problems with their code. I would like to go back to the level they are having a problem with and see how I did it, but it takes me forever to track down the exact level they are talking about. Either I can’t remember which world it is in, or I can’t remember where it is in the world.

Am I over looking something? Is there a way to search for level by name? If not, it may be a good feature. Especially if teachers are using this with students. Or is there a full level list somewhere?


A better thing to do would be to type in to your Web Address bar “” and then type in the level name with dashes replacing spaces. That should take you straight to the level. For example, if I am having trouble with Backwoods Brawl, you could type


Awesome! Thanks so much, very helpful information.