Goodbye this is possibly the end

So, I’ve decided to leave the discourse as many others as lack of time for the discourse and personal issues. I have already been offline for MONTHS straight but I just wanted to confirm I really am going to leave, If any of you want to talk to me for absoloutely no reason at all my discord user is annihilate2479
I appreciete this community and how good it was, I will always cherish those memories, I honestly might check the discourse but after a while expect me to just fade into another person who never checks his messages a dead account basically. Good bye to this community GL with this communitys future endeavors. (sorry for the spelling mistakes…) reason i said possibly is I MIGHT return in the future


Noooooo not Arthur I am sad. But I understand this is just the virtual world and you don’t have time for it goodbye my friend. P.S. if you have any questions about the Bible or Christianity you can pop back on and pm me I will do my best answer them and i will ask others if I canot answer them

That is a rude thing to say

Bye, I’ll miss you @Arthur_U !!

Bro… I used to like you and thought you were a good person that’s jsut mean

Thanks ig miss u guys too

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I honestly did very little to affect the community lol but Ty for appreciating me I might hop in sometime in a while just to check in on stuff maybe

I don’t think that is the same watermelon either he got hacked or is it a sibling of his

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makes sense, Yk I’ve been considering TRYING to spend time on the discourse instead of disapperaing completly but that just feels akward cuz of this topic

Knaw it has happened before don’t worry about it

To be honest i could actually be as active as i was before IF I WANTED TOO, but this would make the topic so akward so i am prob not gonan do it unless the community says its ok

It’s fine if you want to stay

Thump did that originally she was gonna leave completely but then she decided to just come on every once and awhile

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I should try that maybe liek come once every week which i used to do a lot unless i want to check in more

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not sure if i should though

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I think you should if that means anything

If you are worried about the topic just edit it

Hmm ok i mgitht ry it

@Chaboi_3000 can you delete this topic snice ive decided to comeback really should haeev thought bbefore making this topic

Yep. I was like totally gone for like 4 months but came back on when I noticed the discourse need some boosting lol. Now I just glance at the discourse like once a day.