I bid you an almost complete farewell!

Hello, and yes, unfortunately it’s me who created this topic. After more than a year here, I’ve decided to almost completely leave. I might pop on once in awhile, but for the most part I won’t be here anymore. Going into highschool, and work, and constant ballet, I’m starting to have to cut things like this and discord out. It was really fun being here with y’all, and don’t worry, I’ll say hi here and there. Bye!! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks for everything @enPointe77

Hope you have a great high school!!

It is good that you are prioritizing studies over discourse!!

We will miss you!!

Cheers for maybe the last time,

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Rip your devotee that you could’ve got
But alas, i wish you the best in life
Hope you get to complete your ballet dream!

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Wish you good luck!

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??? she already got devotee?

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Bye thump, come back soon! Hope you achieve your dream with ballet and your studies!

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um thats awkward, kinda forgot lol

Hi, Vanessa proposed to me a great idea. I could come once a month instead of never. Heh, why didn’t I think of that? :sweat_smile:


Good bye! Good luck in everything!


Goodbye, friend. I will always remember my argument with someone about fake quoting, which you so kindly resolved.

Your profile will remain empty almost permanently, but may your true self roam freely, no longer restricted by the harsh rules of the CoCo discourse.

May you rest in peace,

Condolences to anyone else who has been affected by the loss of the great person who was @enPointe77


Cya Thump

Wow I turns out that the way I wrote that makes it look like @enPointe77 is dead. To this of you who just got here, that’s not the case


You’re one of the first people I met on discourse :( I can’t express how sad I am that you’re leaving “forever”


Thump, you made this discourse a wonderful place for all of us. You’ll definitely be missed. I wish you good luck with your duties, and we’re surely looking forward to see you again.

Best regards :slight_smile:


Bye thump, it was a pleasure for you to be with us, I really hope you can
come back sometimes soon.
Best wishes, :balloon:


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I haven’t been here on Discord long, but you, Thump, stood out. You were quiet and helpful, always there to help. Thanks and bye, I guess. The discord gained a lot with you on it.

Best wishes,

P.S. This wasn’t supposed to sound like a funeral eulogy.

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She didn’t die, why “Rest in Peace”?

But yeah, @enPointe77 bye for now and good luck for highschool!


Oh no this isn’t a PM I can’t char skip

Bye Thump! See you later.

Why is it so short? It’s because I’m sure she will return/there will be other ways to contact/there is never ever a need to despair

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Yeah… But it’s surprisingly enjoyable writing an entire goodbye speech when I’ve got nothing better to do :slight_smile:


You were an invaluable member of the community, and while it’s unfortunate that you will have to stop activity on the forums, I am confident that you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. I wish you good luck on your endeavors. Remember, you’re welcome back any time!


Sad but well isn’t it a process of growin’ up?..

Goodbye and good luck for all the ways.