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Graphic Bug? Seed Bug


Recently in levels, I’ve noticed the hero, wolf pet, decoy and a few other objects have a background to match the seed, but the background for those objects will go through all the background seeds really fast. I think this is a bug, but I’m not sure. Anyone else see this???
If you need me to explain more, just ask!


I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about. Could you send a screenshot?


Plz tell me wat do yo mean ?!!


A screenshot is basically am image of what’s going on on the computer/other device.


@LokTin Please use English in this sub.

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Ok, so I’m currently using my chromebook now, and it seems to be working fine, but as you know, all the objects are 2D images, and they are really squares. Any part that is not character is ground. In my case, the land that surrounded the hero in this screenshot was supposed to be land, but it was water

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Don’t know if you got a new profile pic, but looks cool :smile:

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found a better screenshot here:

(P.S) The code has nothing to do with the bug

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Err… I don’t know what I can do to help. By the way, I noticed that your “pet” slot showed a wolf pet. You should try reloading. That is the least I can think of.

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