Some simulator-related information

Hi everyone,

It’s wonderful to see so many of you on the Greed leaderboards! I have just a few points on the simulator that I’d like to mention.

  • We’re experimenting with not resetting scores to 1000 upon submission. This is not guaranteed to stay.
  • We’ve recently seen a few incorrect simulator results (particularly with ogre matches). Do not be surprised if you see them. We will identify and fix the bugs as fast as we can. The only thing you have to do is make sure by the end of the competition, your solutions beat as many people as they can, as we’ll verify all of the results.
  • If you simulate, please do not use the headless simulator, it is not ready for use in production.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them below.

Have a great day!



Update: we just fixed a ton of bugs with this, so simulation results should be more accurate going forward. If you want, you can resubmit your game to clear out the effects of misjudged matches.

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I had a lot of strange match results yesterday.
With great hope after viewing your message, I tested again this morning, but the result is the same. My rank is very low, with lots of defeats. But each time I try to watch using “defeat the humans”, I win. Ok, not each time, but very often. And this just few seconds after the match was simulated.

(if you want, I can make some test if needed)

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Hi Vettax,

What is your CodeCombat username? I’ll investigate. Thanks for letting us know!

Sorry there are still issues, and have a great day!


Username : Vettax


Other strange things : I’m not able to store my parameters in this (I did it in other level, and it’s clearly explained in the guide, but…). Maybe if the debugger is back, I’ll see my mistake.

@Vettax are you trying to perhaps store a variable in this that might conflict with internal game variables? Currently the API protection layer won’t let you do that, but it’ll fail silently until I can improve it. Changing the name of the variable might help.

About the variable stored, I found my mistake (the condition to fill vars was incorrect). What troubles me is that when I wrote :
var base = this;

The hoover can show me :
is showned as undefined.

But it’s working.

About the ranking, still some problems. Both on ogre and human side (with the same code). Still a lot of defeat that are victories when I watched them.

I’ll track the hover debugger issue over here.

Hmm, I see the same thing with your games, but I don’t see it with other players’ games. Anyone else seeing disagreements between simulation and playback?

not a good news (for me :slight_smile: )
Don’t know it it could help, but I play more with the dungeon arena level. Just after started Greed, I tried my previous code on dungeon arena, and it had disapeared. I was back to starting point.
hopefully, today, it seems back. But I was wondering if it could be possible that the ranking use a basic standard code, instead of mine (that could match with the ranking I have).

If any of them were against me (NovaHorizon) it probably was a code change. For some reason, every time I change my code, my best ranking falls xD … I think I need to drop most of my fancy stuff and go with basics again.

Don"t know if you change something, but it’s better now.
My rank is far better, with more victories. I’ll check more in details.

I also see disagreements between simulation and playback. See: Greed: Getting different outcome than written in ladder for my code when viewing the match

It still happens, even after I resubmitted the code

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I thought the problem was gone, it was really better yesterday.
But today, it’s back, still a lot lot of wrong results.

As I enter in the top 10, I suppose the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Haha @Vettax is it actually solved?

At least the situation is far far better.
I still have strange results. But as there is less defeat, it’s more difficult to find problems. It’s less evident. I wait for to find really evident problem.
I have to correct a bug in my code, and I will do a full test on all defeat to check them.

Edit : in fact, not sure it’s a bug in my code. The debugger reports me strange values :
If I hover on this : I saw 5 peasant and 1 librarian in the built object.
If I hover on : 5 names only (the peasants).
If I hover on : value = 6

This librarian is not on the grid, and never appear. So the wrong reported values false my code.
After few loops, it’s worse : I’ve got two more soldiers, and no one on the grid or on the screen showing the troups. (screenshots all taken in pause at the same time). Normally, these troups were not resquested to build (only the peasants)

Maybe I could have created another post, but maybe it’s linked with the problem I encountered in ranking.
Maybe it’s also linked with the bug :created vars in “this” are not reported in the debugger (very annoying in some cases).

An example of match won (even if tryed multiple times to change random stuff), but reported in ranking with a defeat (don’t know if it’s possible to report a match like this, but I tried, it’s against DrMonky).:

It’s difficult to be sure, as maybe the other player change his code.
Edit : he changed his code :slight_smile:

Try again now–the random seed behavior was not correct for the past few days. I think that would have caused the problems you just described.

At this time, result in simulation matches result in ranking.
So the problem is solved.
(but the seed for random items seems always the same, compare to few hours ago, a new bug ? or a bug removed ?)