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[Guide] Level Editor


Yay thank a lot.
20 character


Did you finish already?


@minh I added scores too.


Thank for the level I had to have dinner.


Great level.
20 chara


20 character…


something happened to my thang and now there are blank blocks and undo isn’t working


My level constantly reloads each time I put a bunch of one type of thing. Or if the code is something like, attack cooldown = 0.000000001


Uh, @Chaboi_3000 , how do I get my other units to attack?


@chaboi_3000 is it possible to change the hero placeholder to any hero?


Yep, you can run the level and choose a hero.


any hero? or does it have to be one that I have


But you have to own it


ok thanks(20 hero placeholders)


It’s iust the same as the normal levels where you select the hero.

pinned #38


Hello. Thanks for this nice intro to Level Editor. One thing, I think is missing is some example(s) of other kinds of components, goals and systems.

I want to make a Lesson that requires hero to talk to the some characters and receive from them items, and then put those items each in the right box. But all the examples I’ve found so far, are about killing enemies and surviving.

Anyway thanks for all your efforts.


Thanks. You can PM me and I’ll help you step by step