Level editor help

I have a few questions about the level editor.

  1. How/where do you add level logic and/or referee stub?
  2. How do you make a level like magic exam, where the hero is set and you get certain abilities?
  3. How do you make items just for a certain level?
  4. How do you add waves?
    And a one more question about something else
  5. what are the thangs types for the towers in blazing battle?
    P.S. I will have more questions as I build my level.
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Here are some websites for you: [Guide] Level Editor (OLD), Building A Level · codecombat/codecombat Wiki · GitHub, and Tasks Tab · codecombat/codecombat Wiki · GitHub.

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Thanks for the links! I will check them out and post more question here. :slight_smile:

Here is the link for the blazing battle editor: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript, if you want to see how it works.

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If you want to learn about waves, look here: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript? and look at the Referee’s programming.
Credit to lydia_song for making the level.

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I don’t see the thang types for the towers. Where do I look?

Scroll down the editor for blazing battle, and you’ll see all the thang types.

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Here is an image.

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thanks, that is what I am looking for.

Just drag the screen of the editor up, and you’ll see them. (I wonder why the sand-yak and ice-yak are there.)

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I also saw the wave types, this is great! I also wonder why sand-yak and ice-yak are there. I also see the referee thang.

Can you answer this? I will be offline till 12:45

Look at this: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript . Double click on the librarian.

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Have you clicked the button yet, @sci12?

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Yes, thanks and I figured out what to do, just change the name to Hero Placeholder!

Well, have you built your level? If yes, what’s it’s name?

The name is tower master and I’m still making it. However, Omarn (the hero placeholder) does not have any codeable methods even though It says he has properties in the editor.

I guess we should look at magic exam again.

OK, did you check tower master’s level editor? This computer can not run level editor, it will crash. @Hin_Lee

You haven’t published it, so I don’t have access. @sci12