Hack-and-dash? seems broken



// You can write code before a loop.
// Break open the "Chest" before using the loop to escape the maze!

var i = 0;
while(i < 3)
    // Move 3 times.
    i ++;

keeps running right ignoring the hero.moveDown(3);

Your code is missing two curly brackets; one after the while and one underneath like this:

var i = 0;
while(i < 3) {
// Move 3 times.
    i ++;

Hope that solves the problem.

I’m using python, indentations only should work. It worked before.

That’s strange, your code came up on my screen as in java. Well, anyway, if you are using python, then your code is only missing a : after your while loop

i = 0

while i < 3:

BreninLlwyd is correct. Your code is not python, it’s JS. In python, comments are preceeded by a "#" sign and in JS, comments are preceeded by a double "//". Also, semi-colons are not used in python. The code you posted in the original post is JS.

somebody help me on codecombat l need help on 12.dread door i need to move up and break the door it never moved up or just tall me how to make him go up and attack door

Hi, if you need help with your code, please could you post it, formatted (instructions on how to do that are here: link)

@Deadpool198 think you for the help i will try to bet the code with the links you gave me

How do I complete hack and dash because it is making me go past the chest then I have to go back to the chest and then I get stuck.

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