CodeCombat is Hiring: Chief Artisan

Want to work full-time building new CodeCombat levels that millions will play? You should join CodeCombat as our Chief Artisan.

Check out the blog post for more details.


Hi Nick, I’m Caue, and I want to apply.

In a world where computers are everywhere and raising, I wonder why schools and countries still haven’t set programming as a required class since before 1st grade.

Right? I don’t want only to build levels that millions will play, but I also want to make CodeCombat the best tool for learning programming to a point I could tell about it to anyone and they’d thank me later for acquiring such an eye-opening skill (coding), or just start asking questions on how to do this or how to do that. :blush:

Enter a bit 'bout me:

  • More than 15 years on the field
  • Enlightened by Unity 3D about 6 years ago
  • ! semag evol tsuj I

Currently (on the past year) I’ve been trying to build something not too far catch from what CodeCombat is. One project (I’ve put on hold) was essentially teaching programming for who don’t want to become a programmer.

And then I found this completely by accident while searching for a discourse forums about programming (can’t even remember why since I’m already on HTG which is close enough).

Unashamed I believe I do fill all your requirements and I’m on my way to designing the level you want, but there’s a long way to do it properly then while I don’t get it ready I wanted to introduce myself and ask you:

Entice me, what’s your favourite colour?! :slight_smile:


Hi Cawas, good to hear from you! Sounds like you may have what it takes to make some great levels; looking forward to seeing your audition level.

Favorite color: repeating-radial-gradient(ellipse farthest-corner, #AF9F7D, #DFC89C 5%, #F1EAC0 5%, #AF9F7D 10%).

Because having 65k colors to pick wasn’t enough for you, huh? :slight_smile:

Dear Owners Of CodeCombat,

Hello, my name is Adiah Jackson and I would like a job. I am an eleven year old boy attending a programing class in middle school. My personal friend Kielen Rogers got the job of Open Source Contributer and recommended it to me. If you are interested in hiring me contact me at or (307)286-3827.

Thank You For Your Time,
Adiah Jackson


I’m an independant skilled developper and I’m teaching Web to 5 differents engineer schools. I’ve let them finish all codecombat alltogether and I’ve taken note of all “missing parts” that should be done for people to enjoy more codecombat.

And for fun, I have a 8yo daughter and I’ve asked to teach her school mates codecombat.
65 children between 8 and 10 enjoyed it so much! … until a precise level where they all gave up at the same time.

Thus I would like to apply as a “deep level making” contributer. I can contribute and make suggestions 2 full time days/week.

I hope you would like to know more. My blog is - technical blog, and my own enterprise is
I’m deeply sorry for my english, which is perfectible… but if you got all what I’ve said, it’s the most important!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Warm regards,

Olivier Pons


From a comment on the blog I believe CodeCombat is no longer open to new auditions on this vacancy. ( I feel kinda sad the updates were made only to the blog… If they were here, however is tracking this would be notified. )

Since I was already building the level and keeping it private per the tips I now wonder: can we make it public? I’m having issues with balancing it and maybe someone could help this way.

I’ll post a new blog post soon introducing the new Chief Artisan, but yeah: I’ve published all the audition levels in their own campaign at