Headset not working, sound is only in one ear

So I have a headset and I only hear sound out of one headphone. I can not find a setting to change it from mono or stereo. It’s not my headset because it works just fine with other sites. Did I miss where to change my settings at or is this a bug? Please let me know because I do not have speakers for my computer.

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I’ve tried different headphones on Chrome for Windows and OS X, they are working fine for me.
What browser/OS are you using? Also, can you check whether the same problem occurs if you play a song in another site (e.g. by watching a youtube video)?

We do have directional audio, so the volume will be shifted to the left or right depending on where the unit making the noise is on the screen. Could that be what is happening?

I had the same problem. My headphones are quality ones and 100% fine with every other program/music software. Only at codecombat the left channel was deaf completely, even at the “codecombat”-jingle. I guess i used Firefox, but since Firefox isn’t really cared about and the sound was messed up before causing extreme performance issues…whatever. I didn’t try with chrome i think.
edit: ok surprise: it actually works with FF but not with chrome! lol

In my case it happened after updating Chrome to Version 44.0.2403.155 m
BTW, the hero’s and enemies’ voices (on click) and battle sounds are ok.
PS. That new Chrome update not only corrupted the music and sounds in CodeCombat, but also added really bad performance issues :frowning:

I’ve added a bug here on GitHub: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/issues/2946

Any news on that issue?
Or maybe there’s some workaround for players?
It’s really annoying to play with music playing in only one ear.

I’ve fixed it, will deploy the fix later today.

It sounds great! Thank you so much!