Sound/Music Not working

I starting playing this game again recently to come and find out that no sound or music is playing anymore. I have messed around with all of the settings with no luck…

The Browser seems to be the issue. I use Opera.

Hope to see a fix soon, once I finish the entire game ill look into the code to see what I can do to fix this it is not fixed before then!

Ah, we don’t officially support Opera, so I’m not surprised that the sound/music doesn’t work. (I am surprised that the rest of the game works… it does?) Opera can play mp3s or oggs, right? It should theoretically be playing audio, but I’d have to dig into it further. Would be happy to see any help on making it support Opera.

I know for sure opera supports mp3s (I was recently following along some web development courses were we used the video and audio html elements and source tags, ran the mp3 and mp4 files)

Yes the gameplay is fully functional, just the sound/music is not playing.

At the moment I am working on the last level in the campaign (That I have unlocked) without buying any Armour, but once I finish it I will grab the source and see if I can help resolve the problem!

I was coming to report the same thing = no sound or music.
I also use Opera.

The game itself works fine.

I just used the Help/video tutorial and the sound does work on those.
Just not in the game.

OK, thanks.

I can hear the audio only for a few minutes then it stops working and I have to refresh the page to get it to work again. Then it stops again. The game is more fun with sound. when you beat a level and you hear the gems pilling up. That sound is rewarding. but now If I take too long to write the code, the sound gets disabled and I don’t get that rewarding sound. And some levels the sound cuts out before the level loads.

Same happens here (20)