Help! (15 chars)

This error made me lose on the blue side the red coed works on the red side idk why its broken

had played the tournament before :slight_smile:
can u post your code on here?

Bro I was number 1 I got the gold medal

sorry for replying so late

Nah it’s fine 20 chars

maybe its a circumstance error
the conditions may be different than the red side

idk what that is could you rexplain

what i mean is all battles in the league are different, so it may be different on the red side than the blue.

True but I thought the code would work the same?

yes it’s the same actually

then whhy is it a problem? ik theres different sides that have different outcomes (For example sometimes you win on red but not on blue) but the code should work then why the error thats weird

yea it is
20 charsss

maybe if u like formatted ur code i’d be able to look at it better ;-;

I forgot sorry I’ll do it later