Giant Gate bugs tournament

So ive been trying to play the giant up tournament so good but theres like a bug where i should win on the red team with all the players there but i loss i dont know why when i battle again its says i win i also try to ddo some code if im blue team i do a thing but its still lose can you help

If I’m not wrong. Giant’s Gate isn’t fully complete.

Oh ok then can i ask when is it fully complete?

@Chaboi_3000 i want to ask why theres someone like litteraly just one hour ago post the code then got first rank and the code its just the same like the rest?

As for this arena, you don’t need special code for the blue team. We are using mirroring coordinates for the blue team.

Then why all the people here are using the same code they only spawn shaman only?

Is all the people here are staff ?

Btw @Bryukh i tried playing on my second account and batttle my self but when i battle it my main account only summon shaman only but my real code in my main account didn’t summon any shaman so is it a bugs/?

at least like its not summoning shaman onlybc like the rank one already far point

And one more fact the thing in GG is i use my second account called jay.isk then i just sumbit the sample code then it rank 14 its only the sample code but in my main account i use the best code but now its like in 24 rank can you fix this bug

and theres a bug in SB so like i suppose to win but its lose if im blue team its suppose to be the same bc like the fruit is still the same can you also fix this i think theres many bugs

Do you expect that I should answer immediately?

What’s exactly your question and how blue team is connected with shamans?

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Sorry, didn’t get it. What bugs exactly?

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The bug is that in the log says that i lose for example i lose attacking Shin S, but when i battle him i win without changing code and almost all off my log is like that is it bc im in blue team or what? thank you

yes so like in my code i summon many thrower but when my second account attack my main account its spawn shaman only

Got it. Yeah, it’s a bug, we are researching what’s the reason. The arena is not published yet and in beta stage. Thanks.

Oh ok then thank you very much :grinning:

Together with Valentin, I think I’ve found the reason and will be aiming for a fix soon, today or tomorrow–thanks for your patience.

Oh ok thank you very much

Also, when I play now, the simple AI just spams shamans:

Crazy, huh?