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Here is a place where you can post tips on brawls


Here is an example:
Sarven Statue: Use nalfar to spawn summon skeles then sacrifice them. Also, use devour to close enemy.
Sarven siege: Use pender since her fast movement speed to collect coins. Summon skeles, burls, and solider to help protect the towers. Use reset cooldown to summon more skeles. If an enemy is too close, use mana blast.


Can I help you with sarven siege?


Or anything that dosen’t require subscription


You can create individual topics for brawls(like one for Cloudrip Brawl, Kingthard Brawl and etc.)


Just as a clarification question, this topic is a mix of two things(or more); One: People can ask for help on any/all brawls, and Two: People post tips on the brawls?


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for mountain brawl i advise to go to the mountain on the bottom right then hjust hide then only fangriders and thin enemys can get through

Can you specify the X y coordinator position

You enter through the trees in front of the bottom right corner. There’s one specific point where you can slip through. Make sure you don’t use Okar, because he doesn’t fit. You’ll have to go along the tree wall to find where the entrance is.

A tip: for Sarven Siege, use Senick with Gift of Trees or Okar, stomping, and summon peasants to collect gold and build decoys.

I remember I cast Fear on a fangrider can she just flew There

In the mountain brawl

The best way to complete the level is to go to the secret passage way then shield

I found the secret passage with this is path clear code

A tip for Kithgard brawl: always try to go back to the center of the map

Does anyone have tips for sarven treasure?

No sorry, its quite simple in my opinion, but I dont have any tips

Tips for Sarven Treasure

  1. Try to use portals.
  2. Use abilities like Hide, Invisibility, Phase-shift, Blink.
  3. Try to dodge missiles. (In high levels there are many discs)

I’ll try that, thanks!

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