Tips for repayable brawls

For Kingthard Brawl their is a potion if you get far enough into the brawls you can use hero.move(item.pos)

For Backwoods Brawl get the emperor gloves they come in handy

For Backwoods Treasure don’t attack just collect using hero.move(item.pos)

For Savern Saige use not very powerful glasses it will help you avoid any Yaks

but there arent any yaks.

In Savern Saige their are Sand Yaks

A whole heard of them

not seige, only in brawl

here are my tips:

  • if you can use boss star, use it to spawn griffin-riders or paladins
  • if an enemy is on team neutral, don’t attack it
  • if there is a warlock or witch, target it first
  • in treasures, wizards (which require subscription) come in handy because of the vine staff / unholy tome 5

I would personally use Senik or Naria
get spark bomb and get precision rifle
if you get Naria get dragon tooth
Emperor gloves

Reminder all this will pay off when you complete all those repayible brawls.

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