Help me guys. please :(

can you teach me how to create code editor for a programming game, i am so inspired by the code editor of code combat…pls reply guys, i need help. just a hint or anything else that might useful

You can find the full code on this game on GitHub:

I would probably start with an easier project though.

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i can’t find it :frowning:
what do you mean Mr. Hinkle? will you please specify that? thank you

That is the main page. Scripts are divided up into many different parts for a project this complicated. Basically, making a game like this is like a lv 100 boss monster in difficulty. You could do it eventually, but you will need to level up a lot first.

There are game engines out there that would be good for learning game design for novices.

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I am using unity now Mr. Hinkle, what my problem is how to insert or create this part of a game, because i am trying to create a simple programming game.

hope you can help me on how to create this… :slight_smile: thank you so much!

Hinkle is trying to warn you that this is a very difficult task!

The absolute start of these projects is to get an editable textbox and a script which can ‘read’ and perform actions based on what’s inside of it. Getting a text box is easy, maybe not in Unity, but there are probably plugins. The hard part is to read what the player has written and do something based off of it. Here is some JavaScript pseudo-code to get you started:

var textBox = unity.createTextBox()
var player = unity.createPlayer()
textBox.on('input', function() {
    var playerCode = textBox.value;
    if(playerCode === "a") {
    } else if (playerCode === "b") {
        player.move(20, 20)
    } else {
        throw new UnknownCommandError("I am not trained to understand what: " + playerCode + " does.");

And that’s excluding any logic for while-loops, if-statements, operators, functions, parameters, arguments, etc! To build this from the ground up is a monumental task, and definitely falls under the Level 100 Boss category Hinkle previously suggested.

CodeCombat is 100% open source, which shows exactly how CodeCombat solves this problem, and as you can see, it’s quite an immense project.

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thank you for the help MR. SERG!

mr. serg? mr. hinkle? do you still have any other hint or idea for additional purposes only?