Help on Kelvintaph Burgler

Mod edit, removed solution. Please write your own code.

    if > hero.costOf('griffin-rider'):

they say Unexpected token

Hmmmm, I am not on this level yet, so I’ll call someone to help. @jka2706! @098765432123!

It works for me! I can’t see any errors using your code.
Please post a screenshot of the level screen and of your equipment.
Very nice code :grin:, you only need to change one thing (in my level at least) to get success.


It’s on this line:

if hero.distanceTo(orb) < 3:

The orbs come very fast…

P.S. @Monsty, if you haven’t done the level, then it might be a good idea to not reply. Simply so that when I see a topic with no replies I know it needs help, whereas a topic with replies looks like it’s being covered. Thanks


Here we go again…

same code, same sourse, same solutions from many users in the leaderboards…

can i have a link to the level please @CHUA_HAN_QUAN_COLIN and @Monsty i agree with what @Deadpool198 said.

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I think it’s against the rules of the forum to give solutions and links to the solutions of the levels, especially when this exact solution is taken from internet!

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Ah, that makes more sense…
I’m going to remove your code from here. If you want I guess you could use that, but you could also try and write your own code.
I want to make this clear: I won’t help anyone to fix code they’ve taken from the internet. I’ve done every level in CoCo, I can help you do any level, even from scratch, you just have to try to do it yourself.
Please post some code you wrote yourself,


Wait I’m a kid I need to ask my mom to allow me to play coco